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We have a history that tells of our great legacy of steel-
one that lasts the test of time.





Cundiff Steel fabricates and erects structural steel. Started by Pat Cundiff, Cundiff Steel has proven to be a very successful minority business. Pat Cundiff saw an
opportunity to start a woman-owned structural steel company that delivered a higher quality product in 1994. At that time women owned businesses weren’t exactly
welcomed with open arms in the construction business or by the building trades but Pat was familiar with how the union operated and with her husband and two sons, all union iron workers, the company grew as a knowledable and highly respected
company in the steel industry. Today the Cundiff family continues as members of the Cundiff family have joined Pat in keeping the company as a woman owned business and Cundiff Steel as one of the largest and most successful fabricators of structural steel in the state of Kentucky.

Serving the surrounding regions, our project portfolio includes both commercial and
industrial projects working with local, regional and national brands across the country. Here’s a short list of the types of projects we have experience in:




• Commercial Buildings
• Design-Build Projects
• Industrial Buildings
• Multi-Story Office Buildings


• Hospitals, Medical Complexes
• Renovations & Reinforcing
• Condominiums

Over the years, Cundiff Steel has assembled an unbeatable team. Our fabricators and steel erectors have an average of 15 years experience with structural and miscellaneous steel types, and completed an intensive 4-year apprenticeship program. When asked, workers will describe Cundiff Steel as “the best place I’ve ever worked.” This attitude is reflected in their work. At Cundiff Steel, people really care about the speed and quality of the work they do and this along with high expectations from the Cundiff family has forged Cundiff Steel a solid reputation. Working from our 30,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, Cundiff also has a large inventory of specialized equipment ready to go into use on any job including:


• Crane, JLG and Scissor Lift
• Broderson Carry Deck Crane
• Grove Truck Crane
• 45' JLG Lifts
• 32' Scissor Lifts


Kentucky Department of Transportation
Certified DBE Business
Certified SBE Business
Material Suppliers


• Automated Automated Beam Line
• Automated Angle Line
• Paint Booth
• and more.



Member of the Better Business Bureau
Women's Business Enterprise National Council Member

4558 Knopp Avenue, Louisville, KY 40213
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